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Who is SPATOILET® for?

Since the dawn of time, in Asia they have favoured the hygienic benefits of water over paper. With the SPATOILET, the West now also has its own version of the ‘water solution’, which meets all the standards for user friendliness, maintenance and optimum hygiene.

With millions of sales already, the toilet bidet has proven to be incredibly popular with all sections of society. SPATOILET® are installed in private homes, in care institutions and in Health and Beauty clinics world wide.

The SPATOILET® is for everyone and is also very easy to install. All that is required are a mains water and electricity connection. With the existing WC and lighting, this is already in place in most situations. You can install the SPATOILET® yourself; a relatively simple and straightforward procedure. If required however, we can also take care of this for you.

For more information, have a look at I would like a SPATOILET.